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Town of Bashaw Beautification

Town of Bashaw Beautification


“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy.  You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.”

The purpose of the Beautification Committee is the desire to live in a beautiful, safe, well-maintained community that is inviting and is attractive to visitors, new & current residents and businesses.

The town of Bashaw and surrounding areas are one of many naturally scenic environments in all of Central Alberta. Local pride surrounding the appearance of our town – inspires greater population growth and tourism. It will also trigger investment and jobs into our local economy. Any small effort towards improving your residential or commercial property will encourage your neighbours to also improve their own maintenance practices.
Here’s How You Can Help:

Pick up litter on our streets and highways • Mow lawns and trim unsightly growth • Keep property clear of debris • Store wood piles in a hidden place • Remove damaged trees or branches • Mend fences and damaged signs • Paint surfaces that are peeling • Replace all broken windows & worn doors • Replace faded or damaged vinyl siding • Fix shingled roofs that are in disrepair • Remove dilapidated buildings or sheds • Maintain vacant properties and buildings • Park large commercial vehicles out of sight • Do not leave abandoned vehicles on display • Plant flowers and trees

Who Can Become a Partner for Beautification?

The partners for Beautification program encourages and supports residents, business, schools, youth groups, seniors groups, sports groups, associations and clubs in Bashaw to participate. By working together and sharing our collective resources we can make a difference in our environment.

Community building and community pride are benefits of participating. Bringing people together, the Beautification Committee helps the Town of Bashaw achieve the vision to continue to be the most appealing, liveable and well-managed community in Central Alberta. Your participation is limited only by your imagination. Everyone can make a contribution to enhancing the beauty of the Town.


How Do I Contribute or Donate to the Beautification Program?

Participation in the Beautification Committee Program can happen on many levels. Individuals or groups may wish to “adopt” a specific street, park or area of the community, others may take responsibility for things like litter control of a specific area, tree planting, flower planting, or sponsorship through donations and fundraising.

Together we can continue to make our community a place we take pride in

Contact the Town office at 780.372-3911 if you have any suggestions or can offer your volunteer time to keep our community beautiful, safe and well maintained.

Beautification Committee Goals and Projects planned for 2016

  • The Committee has ordered a new sign to be put up for the Bashaw Fire Department
  • Ordered new planters for main street
  • Have contracted a local arborist to trim hedges and assist in disease prevention for new trees
  • Helped with the funding of a new gazebo being built neighbouring the walking trail
  • Will be ordering new directional signage for the nature trails and building another directional sign for Heritage Park
  • Looking at repainting the metal picnic tables in the park areas
  • Organizing a Pitch In and spring clean up for May 12, 2016 to begin at 3:30 p.m.
  • Cleaning brush and trimming trees at various locations around our community
  • Contracting out the excavation of newly developed walking trails



Do you have excess garden produce or fruit?

If your garden or fruit trees of any kind produce excess quantities of supplies that you cannot use, and want to give away, please contact the local food bank or the Town Office and we will publicize your information on the Town website for anyone looking for healthy locally grown produce.

“When we all help one another, everybody wins.”