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Meet the Council

Message from the Mayor

Meet the Council

Back row (left to right): Mayor Rob McDonald, Deputy Mayor Bryan Gust, Councillor Kyle McIntosh
Front row (left to right):  Councillor Cindy Orom, Councillor Jackie Northey

Mayor Rob McDonald

Deputy Mayor Bryan Gust

Councillor Kyle McIntosh

Councillor Jackie Northey

Councillor Cindy Orom

Town of Bashaw Portfolios 2021-2022

(A) Tourism and Economic Development

Bashaw Ag Society Liaison:

Mayor McDonald

(B) Appeal and Review Boards

Regional Assessment Review Board Liaison:

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board:

Diane Szumlas

Grant McKenzie

(C) Protective and Safety Services

Disaster Services:

Director of Emergency Management:

Deputy Director of Emergency Management:

Emergency Public Information Officers:

Emergency Alert System:

Fire Department Liaison:

Regional Emergency Management Services:

All Members of Council

Foreman Patrick Taylor/CAO Theresa Fuller

CAO Theresa Fuller

Mayor McDonald or Deputy Mayor Gust

Fire Chief/Foreman Patrick Taylor/Councillor McIntosh

Deputy Mayor Gust

Councillor McIntosh

(D) Community Services

Bashaw Municipal Library Liaison:

Parkland Regional Library Liaison:

Camrose Area Lodge Authority Liaison:

Bashaw & District Support Services Liaison:

Bashaw Youth Foundation/Boys and Girls Club of Canada Liaison:

Beautification Committee

Mayor McDonald

Councillor Northey

Councillor Orom

Deputy Mayor Gust

Councillor Orom

Councillor Northey, Terry Brown & Bryan Gust

(E) Public Facilities and Transportation Management

Bashaw Airport Commission Liaison:

Bashaw & Area Recreation Board Liaison:

Bashaw Bus Society Liaison:

Highway 12/21
Regional Water Services Commission Liaisons:


Bashaw Community Centre Board Liaison:

Mayor McDonald

Councillor Northey

Deputy Mayor Gust

Mayor McDonald
Councillor Orom
Deputy Mayor Gust
Councillor McIntosh
Councillor Northey

Councillor McIntosh