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Responsible Pet Ownership

General Information

Click here to view the Responsible Pet Ownership brochure, which gives a brief overview of Responsible Pet Ownership in Bashaw.

Any resident who owns a cat or dog 6 weeks or older is required to license their animal annually. Once the animal is registered with the Town of Bashaw, the owner is provided a metal licence tag to be placed on the collar of their pet. It is required that your pet wear their licence tag at all times. If the tag is lost at any time during the year, replacement tags can be purchased at the Town Office. If you are new to town or acquire a new pet within the year, you are required to license your pet within two weeks. Any resident who fails to obtain a licence is subject to a fine.

Animal Licences are due January 31 annually.

To register your animal, please fill out the ANIMAL LICENSE APPLICATION FORM and bring the completed form to the Town Office. If you have more than one pet, please fill out a separate form for each pet. Please also provide us with a photo of the animal for identification along with a medical spay/neuter certificate if applicable.

Click here to view animal enforcement penalties.

Animal Licence Fees

*Fees are due by January 31st annually.

Fees before January 31st

Spayed/Neutered Animal

Unaltered Animal

Replacement Tags




Fees after January 31st

Spayed/Neutered Animal

Unaltered Animal

Replacement Tags




New Pet owners and/or new residents to town who register their pets at the Town Office within two (2) weeks of arrival date shall be charged a pro-rated monthly fee to the end of the year.


For information on complaints, please visit our Bylaws and Complaints page.

Should you have concerns or complaints regarding abused, abandoned, or neglected animals, please contact the Alberta SPCA @ 1-800-455-9003.