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Our Mission


  • Strive to continue to be self sustaining.
  • Explore opportunities for diversified economic growth.
  • Promote bountiful recreation and festivity events.
  • Maintain and enhance the beauty and essence of this vibrant community.
  • Be collaborative, cooperative, and think regionally.
  • Provide a safe, enjoyable, and satisfying environment to work and live.


TransparentCouncil endorses policy making as real and not a cosmetic veneer.
AccountableCouncil affirms the mandate of reporting to the municipal shareholders, the citizens of Bashaw.
IntegrityCouncil believes in their representation and policy making for the Town.
ReciprocityCouncil not only speaks but listens.
PublicityCouncil embraces being open, honest, and approachable with the electorate.
RepresentativeCouncil upholds the democracy of citizen interests and why they have elected them.
Deliberative GovernanceCouncil subscribes to engagement of citizens in an open and inclusive manner in dialogue over public policy issues.
Community IdentityCouncil believes in preserving and maintaining the unique heart and soul that is Bashaw.


in our vibrant and safe community situated in a unique affordable country setting.

2021 Municipal Accountability Program Report - MAP

The Municipal Accountability Program is intended as a program of support and collaboration for municipal Chief Administrative Officers to either confirm compliance with requirements of municipal legislation or to identify concerns and develop corrective solutions where needed.
Click here for full report –  2021 MAP Report

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