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Wondering what to do with branches and grass clippings?

At a recent council meeting the Fire Chief brought concerns forward for resident safety specific to stockpiling yard/organic refuse on/near firepits.  Concerns with residents burning large amounts of tree trimmings, etc. presents fire risks for your safety, personal property and many of your neighbors.

Council has approved placement of a bin for the purpose of organic material disposal.

Organic material includes:
Tree trimmings – cut to shorter lengths so they will fit in the bin      

Grass clippings
Compostable organic material

The Bin will be placed on Town property near the RCMP Station along the fence.

Timeline:  September 7 to October 20, 2017

*It will be removed October 20, 2017

We request you work with us to ensure this opportunity is not abused. Disposal of garbage in this bin is strictly prohibited. Your regular pickups are for this purpose.

Please use this opportunity responsibly and assist us with compliance.

In the event the site becomes unsightly and over run with refuse; the Town of Bashaw reserves the right to immediately remove the bin.