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Water Update and Information to be aware of:

  • The agreement between the Town of Bashaw and the Highway 12-21 Water Commission was signed April 4, 2006.  We anticipate connection date roughly about end of July 2017, possibly August; depending on construction schedule.
  • Funding was not available to complete construction of the complete line.  Several communities North of Bashaw were experiencing water shortages consequently the Town of Bashaw sold water to the Commission to service these communities.
  • Water prices in the Town of Bashaw were low in the past as the water sales offset the rates and so the water rates to our residents didn’t reflect the true cost of managing the Town’s whole water supply system.
  • As the true cost of the Town’s water was more than the rates reflected it became necessary to raise the rates.  We believe the current rate will be closer to the true cost of producing water.
  • The current rate for water in the Town of Bashaw is $2.64 per cubic meter.  A cubic meter is 220 gallons so if this rate is reduced to an imperial measurement it is 1.2 cents per gallon.
  • If your usage seems high, please check for leakage inside your home.  For example, a running toilet (even if just for a bit), takes a lot of water.  If you still feel your meter reading is abnormal the Town can assist you to have your meter checked. It will be sent out to be checked by a third party and a fee is applicable for this service.

PLEASE NOTE:  You can Pre-pay on your Utility Account.  The Water Utility Account is generated and sent out every 2 months, however, you can pay on the Account each month so that it works a bit better in your budget.


Do our Prices Compare to Other Communities connected to Regional Lines?

Based on 20 cubic Meters on a two Month Billing:

Municipality Flat Rate (2 months) Consumption charge (20 cubic meters) Other Charges
Related to water
Total (2 Months)
Bashaw 2017 Rate $ 50.00 $ 52.80 0 $ 102.80
Mannville $ 35.00 $ 79.50 $ 40.00 $ 154.50
Marwayne $ 99.00 $ 13.70 $ 50.00 $ 162.70
Vermillion $ 59.50 $ 70.40 0 $ 129.90

** These figures are exclusive to water only, the other charges are related to water.

The 2017 Town of Bashaw Water rate will remain the same for the full year.