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Environment & Conservation


Government of Alberta – Agriculture & Rural Development

Late Blight of Potato and Tomato FAQ
Red Deer River Watershed Alliance – 







Ducks Unlimited – www.ducks.ca


Highway 12/21  Regional Water Services Commission

There are seven Municipalities involved in the Hwy 12/21 Commission:
The Board consists of two directors appointed from each municipality:

County of Lacombe

Brenda Knight, Chairman
Rod McDermand

Village of Alix

Curt Peterson, Vice Chairman
Arlene Nelson

Village of Clive

Anita Gillard, Dan Graden

Village of Edberg

Dorothy Butt, Kaye Innes

Village of Ferintosh

Delphine Doerksen, Marvin Jassman

Town of Bashaw

Penny Shantz, Bryan Gust

Camrose County

Jack Lyle, Ken Krause


John Van Doesburg

ALBERTA ENVIRONMENT  –  www.waterforlife.alberta.ca



Closed permanently as a landfill in 1999, this site is now the focus of the Bashaw Landfill rehabilitation Project. Initiated by the Town of Bashaw, working in partnership with the Province of Alberta, County of Camrose, Ducks Unlimited and the Buffalo Lake Naturalists Association, this innovative project is an ecologically responsible land use recovery, conversion and conservation program.sign

By re-integrating the landfill site back into the surrounding physical prairie parkland landscape, the project promotes site recovery and preserves the long term sustainability of municipal lands while providing an enhanced habitation site for a diverse number of wildlife and plant species.

Accessible to the general public on a limited use basis, the project serves as an example of productive land use transition, illustrating how a modified environment can be re-modified in order to offer a balance between the needs of humans and wildlife communities. For more information on this long term project, contact the Town of Bashaw at 780-372-3911.