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bylaws2Town of Bashaw bylaws are rules adopted by Town Council chiefly with our citizen’s best interests in mind.

Click on the links to review our most referred to bylaws. If you have any questions, or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the Town office or email at admin@townofbashaw.com.

These bylaws are intended for information purposes only.  Click on any of the following Bylaws to view.

Dog Control Bylaw
Cat Control Bylaw
Cemetery Bylaw
Fire Pit Bylaw
Fire Services Bylaw 

Land Use Bylaw
Land Use Zoning
Low Hazard Fireworks Bylaw

Public Disturbances Bylaw
Sidewalk Snow Removal By-Law

2017 Property Tax Bylaw
Tax Penalty & Tax Pre-Payment Incentive Bylaw

Tax Payment Installment Bylaw
Town Utilities Bylaw

Traffic Bylaw

Unsightly Premises Bylaw
Vendor or Hawker Bylaw
Water Restriction Bylaw

*  Any Forms that you may be looking for related to these Bylaws will be found under the “Town Office”
tab on the home page under “Forms” or click here to be redirected.



bylaw enforcement officerByLaw Enforcement Officer
CPO M.R. (Mike) KUZIO # 13175, Manager/Sgt. – Protective Services
Camrose County
Office: 780.672-4449   /  Fax: 780.678-3071

The Bylaw officer Patrols the area several times a month.  Bylaw complaints are to be submitted to the Bylaw Officer through our office.  Should you have a specific Bylaw complaint, please submit to our office and the complaint must be in writingA form of complaint can be found below.




All animal enforcement MUST be dealt with through the Town office.  If you wish to make an animal animal control cartooncomplaint, the forms to do so are below and also available at the Town office.   You can also email us at admin@townofbashaw.comAll complaints MUST be made in writing.  Our Animal Bylaw Enforcement officer will be making 2 – 1 hour regular Patrols per month in a marked patrol vehicle.  The Animal Bylaw Enforcement officer is contracted by the Town of Bashaw and therefore takes direction from the Town of Bashaw.  Should you contact the Animal Bylaw Enforcement officer directly, you may be held responsible for any fees and expenses that incur.  A form of complaint can be found below.



Any and all complaints with respect to ByLaws must be submitted to the Town office in writing.