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General Development Information

Building, Planning, and Development Services are responsible for coordinating land use to ensure that growth and development occurs in an organized, rational manner while maintaining and enhancing the constructed and natural environments which contribute to a high quality of life. This is accomplished through long-range plans (Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plans, etc.) and the Land Use Bylaw, Policies, Procedures, and Regulations.

IJD Inspections

IJD Inspections Ltd. specializes in Construction Permits and Inspections. IJD Inspections can help you obtain the required safety code permits and inspections necessary to complete your construction project. IJD specializes in new build construction, renovation, additions, and demolition.

As a result of the Safety Codes Act, all contractors and homeowners in Alberta must obtain permits before starting work on buildings under the Alberta Building Code. This also includes work governed by the Alberta Gas Code, the Alberta Plumbing Code, and the Canadian Electrical Code.

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Zoning is the division of land into districts which designate the permitted and discretionary uses for an area. Zoning is used as a tool to separate incompatible uses from each other. Zoning regulations will include the types of developments that are allowed, and the minimum setback requirements that are required from each property line. All of the land within the Town of Bashaw is zoned for a particular use. Zoning is part of the Town’s Land Use Bylaw and is approved by Town Council.


Rezoning your land may be necessary in two situations: you wish to develop your land, without subdividing, in a way that is not allowable under your current zone; or you wish to subdivide land into parcels used for a different purpose. Therefore in many cases, a rezoning application may be accompanied by a subdivision or development permit application.

Example: Your property is currently zoned as Low Density Residential (R1) and you wish to construct a four-plex on the property. The property will need to be rezoned to Medium Density Residential (R3).

Concurrent Rezoning and Subdivision Applications

If you are planning on subdividing your land and are required to rezone your land, both applications can be dealt with concurrently. However, prior to receiving subdivision approval, Town Council must approve the rezoning application. In the event the rezoning application does not get approved, the subdivision application will not move forward for approval. In the case of a rezoning application being refused, any fees paid for rezoning will not be refunded; any subdivision fees may be refunded upon request. If the rezoning application is approved, the subdivision will go before the subdivision approval authority, the Bashaw Town Council, at its next meeting date. Please note that rezoning and subdivision approval will not occur on the same day.

Further Zoning Information

For further information, please view our Rezoning Application Information PDF.

Town Zoning Map

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