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In accordance to Tax Penalty and Tax Pre-payment Incentive Bylaw 742-2012

  1. Taxes remaining on the tax roll and not paid by December 31st shall have an additional penalty of twelve percent (12%) imposed on them on January 1st of the succeeding year (2017) and each year thereafter as long as the taxes remain unpaidTherefore, if you had property taxes outstanding, there is now an additional 12% penalty added onto your Tax Roll. 


pay-monthly-400x400In accordance to Tax Installment Payment Bylaw 743-2012

    1. 1.  Taxpayers of the Town of Bashaw shall have the right to enter into a Tax Installment Payment Plan, by way of a Tax Pre-payment Agreement, to provide for the payment of property taxes and local improvement taxes in equal monthly installments from January to December in any year. Please inquire for our payment options.  Any arrears owing must be paid in full in order to enter the Tax Installment Payment Plan.

2.  The Plan shall commence on January 1st of each year, provided that all property taxes, local improvement taxes, tax arrears, and penalties are paid in full up to December 31st of prior year. The opportunity to join the Plan will be open January 1st to July 31st, inclusive of that year.

3.  Taxpayers joining the plan after a payment due date shall be required to make all necessary payments starting from January 1st to the commencement of the plan agreement date.

4.  The Tax Penalty Bylaw does not apply to installments paid in accordance with the Plan. However, the Town of Bashaw may cancel the privilege of continuing in the Plan if two consecutive payments have not been honoured, or if any payment is returned NSF. If cancelled, any unpaid balance of the taxes shall be subject to the Tax Penalty Bylaw.



In accordance to Tax Penalty and Tax Pre-payment Incentive Bylaw 742-2012

  1. The incentive applies only to the current levy, provided all arrears are paid in full.
  2. An incentive allowance shall be applicable to all monies received between January 1st to January 31st of the current year, as a prepayment of future tax levies for the current year, at the following rates provided that the amount of money tendered as a prepayment shall be limited to:
  • An amount equal to the previous year’s current taxes, other than local improvement taxes.
  • Such incentive allowance shall be calculated and credited to the respective tax account in accordance at the rate of: One and one-half percent (1.5%) on prepayments received prior to January 31st