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Trout Pond & Parks


The fish pond located at the east end of Bashaw is open for public use and is stocked with 600 rainbow trout that were approximately 20 cm every spring. This particular pond is included under the Enhanced Fish Stocking Program which is run and coordinated by the Alberta Conservation Association. Fish and Wildlife is still responsible for the management of these waterbodies and can make changes to these stockings if need be.



Heritage Park

Bashaw Heritage Park



Located on the west end of Town next to the arena is Heritage Park. This is a day use area with a gazebo and cook stove inside. Wood is supplied and a trailer dumping station is at this location also. There is a walking path located at Heritage Park which continues around the water tower.



Helicopter Park


Helicopter Park New Equipment Opening October 14, 2010 .jpg 007



Located at 5019 – 48 Avenue with Play structures for the younger Children and benches for rest and relaxation.






Fitness Park




Located a block and a half West of the Community Centre on 52 Avenue with Swings, Merry-Go-Round etc., plus outdoor fitness equipment.  This Park is great for both Children and Adults.  From the Park, continue onto one of Bashaw’s Nature Trails.