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Bashaw Area Recreation Board



Board Members

Sarah Wray, Chair
email:  sarahwray99@gmail.com
Ph: 403.741-2630

Marj Savage, Vice Chair/Treasurer
email:  braemarfarms@gmail.com
Ph: 780.263-8161

Darren Pearson, Town Representative
email:  wooh1963@gmail.com
Ph:  780.372-2094

Candice Hewlett
email:  Hewy-25@hotmail.com
Ph: 780.372-2228

David Lidberg, Minor Hockey Rep
email:  daveandcristy@hotmail.com

Heather Zygmunt
email:  Heatherzygmunt@gmail.com
Ph: 780.372-3844

Darlene Henrickson
Ph:  780-372-2021

Regular scheduled meetings: 1st Monday of each month @ 7:00 pm in the Centennial Room of the Bashaw Arena.



We are always looking for new members.  Please contact us to join!  

PICKLEBALL – Held at the Bashaw Ag. Society 

Tuesday mornings @ 10 – 12 (NOON)
Thursday evenings @ 7 – 9 pm
For more information, please contact Marj Savage @ 780.226-5661 /email braemarfarms@gmail.com
                                                                     Chris Brosinsky @ 780.372.3936 /email cdbro1@telus.net.





TIA CHI – Held at the Bashaw Arena Centennial Room Upstairs until further notice. 

Bashaw Area Recreation Board plays host to TIA CHI. 

Tuesday mornings @ 10 – 12 (NOON) weekly

For more information, please contact Marj @ 780-226-5661.