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Peter Graham

Plenty FULL Services provides an online automated system that help you attract your customers over and over again.  Providing you a means to stay in touch with them so they refer their friends to explore your business.  Well reducing your workload.

Plenty FULL Services (PFS) is an online Canadian mobile friendly Customer Satisfaction Program, branded to your image that keeps business tils FULL.  Whether for an individual business or a group of businesses, PFS helps them to create a welcoming atmosphere which brings prosperity and growth.  One of the key advantages to our program is the business’ branding is promoted in all customer communications; PFS works in the background.  Customers see the program as belonging to the business rather than the business being part of some national program.  The focus of PFS is target marketing; helping businesses engage their customers individually through email and text messaging.  Because of the speed of text messaging.  Because of the speed of text messaging, customers can sigh up to the business program using their cell phone and receive a “Welcome” offer in as little as five minutes.  This creates excitement and starts priceless word-of-mouth advertising for the business.  Another key advantage is…PFS is the only program which emails out a short survey after every purchase; feedback from this survey provides immeasurable value for a business.  PFS is designed to attract new customers, keep regular customers coming back more often, entice customers to spend more to get more rewards thanks to the points the business gives away (points are free for business) and bring in more referrals.  PFS is the answer for many different types of businesses;  we’re the insurance against economic downturns.  For example, one restaurant, now running at 90% capacity, has chosen to be closed one day a week thanks to this program.  Another business has expanded form four locations to fourteen.


Business Website Address: http://www.plentyfullservices.com
Business Phone Number: 780-678-9000